Thanks for dropping by my website.


My name is Matt Harris and I am running for the Democratic Party nomination for Texas Congressional District 10.


I stand for a world that works for everyone.  We are a long way from any such reality.


My priorities are:


High-wage entrepreneurial economy – Our country has been following Republican economic ideas into a low-wage and dysfunctional state.  We need to build a high-wage economy open to new business formation.  The only real prosperity is one that includes everyone.  Solutions are open to us by way of a large-scale tax shift from wages and onto economic privileges.


Sustainable – A sustainable economy requires a robust infrastructure of schools, transportation, and fair systems of justice.  We are deficient in these.  We are currently depleting natural resources in a manner that cannot be sustained.  Our misuse of the atmosphere is greatly compromising the future of humanity as well as most other life.  Solutions are available through a mix of incentives and new technologies.


Restoration of honesty – We must reclaim an honest language of politics.  Tax cuts for privileged income are just tax-shifts onto you and they do not create jobs.  War is not peace.  Science is not a matter of casual opinion.  Corporations are not people and do not appear in the constitution.  The media habit of false equivalence simply empowers the liars and must be countered.


My proposals do not fall neatly along historic party lines.  I will be happy to work across party lines to reach real solutions that work for everyone.


The boundaries of TX Congressional District 10 were drawn by TX Republicans.  Please take a good look at their work.  It is absurd to connect fractured parts of central Austin with far west Houston along a distended rural corridor.  This is the work of people who have no capacity for embarrassment in pursuit of power.   It is not difficult to draw compact boundaries that honestly represent communities of interest.  What do you think of these boundaries?  Please drop by the blog portion of the site and share your views.


Our political world is unfortunately ruled by many false narratives.  One false narrative is that citizens choose their representatives.  In TX 10 the Republican representatives chose their constituents.  I bring this point up in the spirit of committing to bringing our political narratives in line with the truth.



Matt Harris Campaign

PO Box 10616

Austin, TX 78766